African Union: Pan African Analytical Foundations (Cloth)


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African Union: Pan African Analytical Foundations (Cloth)

Title: African Union: Pan African Analytical Foundations (Cloth)
ISBN13: 9781905068173
ISBN10: 1905068174
Author: Dompere, Kofi Kissi (Author)
Description: The Modern Works On African Philosophy Have Not Been Integrated And Fully Connected To Africa’s Antiquity In Order To Provide A Foundational Unity For Further Intellectual Refinement The Philosophical Dimensions Of Humanism, Nkrumah’s Concept Of Categorial Conversion, African Concepts Of Duality, Polarity, Unity, Continual Creation And Democratic Ideals Must Be Shown Their African-Centered Origins In Considering African Philosophy, There Arise Conceptual And Logical Gaps That Require The Development Of Fundamental Cognitive Unity From The Available Data With Judicious Interpretation And Restructuring In Order To Define The Parameters Of African Philosophical Unity That Will Allow These Gaps To Be Closed For Intellectual Continuity This Monograph Is Devoted To The Establishment Of The Foundations For The Development Of Africa’s Intellectual Continuity And Cognitive Unity From Antiquity To The Present Its Main Premise Is That There Is African Philosophy With Its Own Method Of Reasoning, Analysis And Synthesis The Monograph Would Be Of Interest To Philosophers In General, Professionals, Researchers And Students Engaged In African Philosophy, African Studies, Black Studies, Socio-Political Philosophy And Those Interested In Knowing The Thinking System On The Basis Of Which African Essence Arises And African Social Formations Were Constructed And Governed From Antiquity _______________________ Kofi Kissi Dompere Is A Professor Of Economics At Howard University, Usa He Is The Producer And Host Of A Radio Program African Rhythms And Extensions On Wpfw 89 3Fm In Washington D C , Usa
Binding: Hardcover, Hardcover
Publication Date: 2006-03-31
Weight: 1.22 lbs
Dimensions: 0.75” H x 9” L x 6” W
Number of Pages: 272
Language: English

African Union: Pan African Analytical Foundations (Cloth)


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