Raw Unrefined-AFRICAN BLACK SOAP – 7 oz – All Natural & Organic – From Ghana


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for ALL genders, ages, races, skin types, and Nationalities:

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African Black Soap is an all natural
organic soap product. It is a plant based soap made from the charcoal
ashes of fruits, and other plant products. Our Black Soap contains
many rich moisturizing oils, and healing ingredients, essential for
the promotion of very healthy and youthful looking skin. Empress &
King African Black Soap is made the same way it has been made for
thousands of years, by hand the traditional way!

Our Black Soap is made from ingredients
that are all organically grown, harvested, hand selected, and then
produced the traditional way.  

Tips on using black soap

 Apply the lather to your face with fingertips and gently rub it in. Wash and rinse with cool water to help reduce stinging and redness.

Black soap is suited for any skin ethnicity, can be used daily and is excellent for washing away makeup. If you are caffeine-sensitive, you might test the soap on the inside of your arm because it’s derived from cocoa pods, which contain caffeine and can be absorbed through the skin. Also, if you are extremely latex-sensitive, shea butter contains small amounts of naturally occurring latex

Raw Unrefined-AFRICAN BLACK SOAP – 7 oz – All Natural & Organic – From Ghana src=”https:>

Raw Unrefined-AFRICAN BLACK SOAP – 7 oz – All Natural & Organic – From Ghana

our Black African Soap, you can now truly give yourself that clear,
blemish free, and youthfully glowing skin, which will have your
friends and associates wondering, and wanting to know how you were
able to accomplish that amazing feat!! It is ALL naturally produced.
No animal products, or animal testing!

with confidence, and tell your friends about it!!! 

Note From the Producer: 

Empress and King is a family run
business of humble beginnings. We value your business, and believe it
is our jobs to provide you, our customers with only the highest
quality. Rest assured when purchasing Empress and King products, From
“EveryThing-A-Bargain” Ebay store that you are purchasing
authentic quality. If you have any comments, questions or
suggestions, then please feel free to contact us.


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