Tribal African Mask, Ceramic African wall art, vintage apotropic VIDEO


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Tribal African Mask, Ceramic African wall art, vintage apotropic VIDEO


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Tribal passport mask

approximate measurements – as we have a wide variety, each different, handmade, hand painted.

Approximately head height 4.9″

Weight 245 grams – approx 8,65 ounces

Look at the hand for comparison.


Tropical African terracotta clay pottery.

Old Dongola was an important town for caravans and trading and later became the capital of Makuria. 

The tradition dates back to the 6th century.

Tropical African countries, territories and regions who used this type of mask include Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Senegal, Mukudj, Gabon, Sudan Nubian people.

It cannot be known for certain when these masks were made, or exactly by whom.  I can assure that they are not new and neither are they moulded or manufactured.

African Passport Masks are all handmade from clay.

Each one is different and will have wear and tear or imperfections.

They have all travelled up to 10,000 km or over 6000 miles to reach us.

These artifacts are not mass produced, even if they appear similar. Each one is individual with minor different measurements and weights.

The tradition of the passport mask was in use prior to the invention of the modern day passport. They were invented to identify which tribe or country people belonged to when moving across Africa. The various tribes and territories identified themselves with their own colours and symbols, often incorporating stylized caricatures of birds and animals. 

The Dan people carried small hand sized “passport masks”, which were sewn onto cloth and kept in a leather pouch worn in the small of the back or about the waist, depending upon the exact tribe. They are miniature copies of a family mask. 

These apotropaic (supposedly having the power to avert evil influences or bad luck).  Masks also act as witnesses during initiation ceremonies.

Apotropaic magic is intended to turn away harm or evil influences, as in deflecting misfortune or averting the evil eye. Apotropaic observances may also be practiced out of superstition or tradition, as in good luck charms, amulets, or gestures.

Equatorial African tribal art works began entered the Western world in the early twentieth century. Their origin fascinated art critics and cultural academics, causing a wave of speculation about their exotic aesthetic origin, even rumouring that there was or had been Asian influence.  

African tribes and societies that use “Passport Masks” as rites of passage or recognition among them, making it easy for a “sense of belonging” to a particular group or society. 

These are Masks/ Marks that one can easily see on the cheeks, forearm, forehead, legs and or on the backs of tribes man and women in Africa. They are all significant passport masks. 

Due to Westernization and modernization, many traditions fall by the wayside as culture changes in the passage of time. Therefore, this type of art has become increasingly less available.

Of all African tribal art, mask making may be the most diverse. Though mask carving is predominant in Western and Central Africa, it is present throughout the continent in various forms.

Some of the tribes and peoples who made us of Passport masks were the Poro and the Sande/Bondo among most of the West African tribes. Some names associated with this custom are Traditional African Mask – Tikar Clay Passport Mask.

African Passport Masks are made from clay and as therefore breakable. While enormous care is taken during the packaging process, with many and varied layers of protective materials, SAHOTROCKS will not accept responsibility and offer no financial reimbursement for breakages or damages to the masks during transit. By placing an order for these masks you accept these terms.

By the way … Africa has 54 countries and is a continent.

We are way down south, at the foot of the continent in SOUTH AFRICA.

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